Thursday, April 02, 2015


Heaven Hill Brands, has announced the launch of a new addition to its portfolio of flavoured Evan Williams bourbon expressions, with the release of a peach variant.

Evan Williams Peach (35% ABV) is said to combine the smoothness of Evan Williams Bourbon with a fresh peach taste, and is aimed at maximising the potential of this growing flavour trend.

Evan Williams adding to flavoured Bourbon portfolio with new Peach varient

Commenting on the new release, Chris Ratterman, Evan Williams Brand Manager, said: “Given the growth of the Evan Williams brand and the continued success of our flavour line, we fully anticipate Evan Williams Peach to play a key role in continuing to expand our presence within the flavoured whiskey category. The blend of fresh peach with Evan Williams Bourbon capitalizes on market trends, and has already generated much excitement among the trade and consumers in our lead markets.”

Evan Williams Peach will initially be available across the US from May 1st, and will be priced in line with its other flavoured variants.

Source: Heaven Hill Brands