Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Buffalo Trace Distillery continues to pay homage to its former owner Colonel E. H. Taylor, with the release of a bourbon aged in cured oak barrels.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Bourbon (50% ABV) was aged inside of Taylor’s iconic brick and limestone warehouse “C,” built in 1881. After seventeen years of aging in cured oak barrels, the bourbon delivers a rich aroma of tobacco and dried fruit.

Colenel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Bourbon

The barrel staves used for this special release were allowed to dry outside in the open air for 13 months, more than twice as long as standard barrel staves. This extra aging curing process allowed the wood to dry even longer, eventually allowing the whiskey to extract more rich and complex flavours deep within the oak.

The Cured Oak Bourbon bottling, is the seventh and latest release in the Colonel E. H. Taylor whiskey collection, the first of which was released in early 2011. Like some of the previous releases, this one-time-only bottling is very limited.

Consistent with past releases, the Cured Oak Bourbon displays a vintage label and is offered inside a distinct canister reminiscent of Taylor’s whiskey package from one hundred years ago. Uniquely new for this release, each 6 bottle case will be shipped in an impressive wooden box, modelled after the wooden crates used by Taylor to transport goods during the days before Prohibition.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Bourbon, will be available from specialist retailers, in limited quantities, across the US later this month for a RRP of $69.99.

Source: Buffalo Trace Distillery