Friday, November 28, 2014


Islay’s Bowmore Distillery has announced the highly-anticipated second release of its 50 Year Old single malt whisky.

Distilled in December 1961, the new-make spirit was then carefully filled into two ex-bourbon hogshead casks by the expert Bowmore Distillery team. Half a century later, just 200 bottles were filled with this truly exceptional single malt in which hints of black truffles and tropical fruits reveal the full maturity of Bowmore’s warm, smoky spirit.

Bowmore 50 Year Old Second Edition (1961)

Crafted utilising the finest Scottish materials, each bottle has been hand-blown by renowned glass sculpting studio Glasstorm, while the neck collars and cork tops of the bottles have been beautifully made by Fattorini Silversmiths. To complete the piece, the bottle will be housed within handmade cabinets which have been crafted in Scottish Elmwood by Master Carpenter Peter Toaig.

Commenting on the release, Rachel Barrie, Bowmore’s Master Blender, Said: “It has been a joy to work with a whisky with such amazing alchemy and complexity of flavour as the Bowmore 50 year old. Witnessing the release of these 200 bottles over the next few years is a personal career highlight of mine. Selecting whisky from the 1960s combines the joy of being like a child in a sweetie shop with the taste of being an adult in paradise.”

Selling for a RRP of £16,000, 50 bottles of Bowmore 50 Year Old Second Edition will be released on December 1st. The remaining 150 bottles will then be gradually released globally over a four year period.

Source: Eulogy