Tuesday, October 07, 2014


New Zealand has become the first nation outside Japan and Europe to mature and release a 25 year old Single Malt whisky. Following extensive barrel selection, the New Zealand Whisky Company has released a limited quantity of just 484 bottles onto the market.

The 25 year old, made from 100 per cent malted New Zealand barley distilled in the lost Dunedin distillery, has been aging in American Oak, ex-bourbon barrels from Four Roses Distillery for a quarter of a century. The rich flavours have softened and sweetened into a complex array of tropical fruits, butterscotch, toasted orange peel and a hit of sea spray.

The New Zealand Whisky Company - 25 Year Old Single Malt

The 25 year old is a salute to the craftsmanship of the early distillers, including Cyril Yates who played a hand in this newly released drop. “It’s got to be made properly all the way through from the farmer growing barley to the cooper sealing up the staves, and then it does the magical maturation in the barrel before coming out as liquid gold” explains Yates who dedicated 40 years of his life to the New Zealand whisky industry.

Commenting on the release, CEO of the New Zealand Whisky Company, Greg Ramsay, said: “We are so grateful for the international support of the world’s whisky community over the last four years, which has given us the confidence to launch our 25 year old. We are already humbled by the pre-orders and glowing feedback of those who have taken their first sips.”

The packaging for the 25 year old was selected and decided through an international design competition which was won by Greg Walko and Petra Kosik, who hail from a small design studio in Hungry. The packaging brings a quarter-of-a-century-old drop into the modern day.

The 25 year old is now available for pre-order via: www.thenzwhisky.com

Source: The New Zealand Whisky Company