Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yesterday, Reserve 101 in Houston - Texas, became the first venue in the United States to offer Glenmorangie Pride 1978, one of the rarest whiskies ever released from the world renowned Highland distiller.

Glenmorangie Global Master Brand Ambassador David Blackmore was at the bar for the debut of the bottle, which was the official launch of the Pride 1978 in the US.

David Blackmore - Glenmorangie Global Master Brand Ambassador

Blackmore, a three-time winner of the Ambassador of the Year award by Whisky Magazine, unveiled the bottle (One of only 700 bottles in the world) on Monday afternoon with Reserve 101 owners Mike Raymond and Steve Long, who have made it a point to bring whisky to their bar that customers can't find anywhere else in Houston, in Texas or even in the entire United States.

Crafted by Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie Pride 1978 is a 34 Year Old release, that was aged for 19 years before being extra-matured for another 15 years - the longest ever extra-maturation for a Glenmorangie whiskey - in an extremely small batch of only five casks that had contained a legendary Bordeaux Premier Grand Cru Classé wine. The final result is a rich and opulent whisky of outstanding pedigree.

Back in February, Reserve 101, located in downtown Houston, also took stock of a bottle of Glenmorangie 1963, one of only fifty bottles in the world, which at $550 a shot sold out in 66 days.

Glenmorangie Pride 1978, is now available at Reserve 101 at $750 a shot.

Source: On The Mark Communications