Thursday, July 31, 2014


This week sees the launch of the third annual Wizards of Whisky World Whisky Awards.

The awards now in their third year, have gained a reputation for recognising the best whiskies from across the world and can boast the most knowledgeable and experienced panel of world whisky judges than any other awards event.

Dominic Roskrow - Founder of The Wizards Of Whisky Awards 

This year there are two new ground-breaking innovations, the publication of the 'World Whisky Top 20' and the new 'The Next Big Thing Award' for works in progress - new make spirit or spirit under three years old.

The awards will be judged by two panels of experts made up of bloggers, writers, retailers and members of Wizard’s founder Dominic Roskrow’s VIP club, which have been tasting world whiskies for over 10 years.

Medal winning whiskies will be given the opportunity to be included in up to three of Dominic’s tasting evenings as part of a 12 date Wizards of Whisky tour for corporate clients and whisky clubs.

Winning whiskies will be offered the chance to be included a five miniature Wizards of Whisky pack sold on line by the Whisky Tasting Club.

2015 Wizards of Whisky categories:

World’s Best Whisky
World’s Best Single Malt
World’s Best Blend
World’s Best Other/Grain Whisky
American Whiskey of the Year
African/Asian Whisky of the Year
Canadian Whisky of the Year
European Whisky of the Year
Irish Whisky of the Year
Japanese Whisky of the Year
World Distiller of the Year
American Distiller of the Year
African/Asian Distiller of the Year
Canadian Distiller of the Year
European Distiller of the Year
Irish Distiller of the Year
Japanese Distiller of the Year
Independent Bottler of the Year
World's Top 20 Whiskies
Next Big Thing Award

Commenting on the awards, previous winner Darek Bell, Owner Distiller of the Corsair Distillery said: "Competing on an international stage is what sets the Wizards of Whisky apart. It puts you in front of the entire world. Being recognised by the Wizards of Whisky Competition has been huge for the Corsair Distillery and put us in the big leagues. No one in the industry is as committed as Dominic Roskrow is to world whiskey. His unique voice is always on the cutting edge of international whiskey trends and is vital to a world that is becoming more global." 

The closing date for entries is October 30th and judging will take place in two stages in November and December. Results will be announced in January.

Posted by Steve Rush